Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Strange Goings On...

Israel's invasion of Lebanon is turning out to be the event we've been waiting for. The spin is heavy. The attack is moving along as if it's been planned for some time. In fact we're now hearing that Israel has been working on this battle strategy for a year now.

And when those two Israeli soldiers were captured, we first heard that they were deep in Lebanon on a commando mission. then we heard they were kidnapped in Israel. Then Lebanon, then Israel again.

Clearly the spinmeisters didn't all get their memos on time.

But regardless of whether those boys really were in an American made tank, on a secret assasination mission in Lebanon or not, hardly matters now. The war is on.

As soon as Israel had a pretext for attack, they bombed the airports, roads, power stations, water treatment plants, and anything else to destroy the civilian infrastrucure, just like the Geneva Conventions says not to. But then Israel never signed the Geneva Convention, did they?

Rice then made a surprise visit to the ME. The reporters were surprised anyway.

In Beirut she smiled and laughed. Her visit there has been characterized as a 'disaster'.

In Israel, she assured the Israelis that new bombs and missiles were on their way to keep the war well supplied. Then she proposed that 30,000 UN Troops come help defeat Lebanon (a US Ally).

Among those troops, she would like to see Turkey and Egypt do most of the fighting. I'm not sure why either nation would be interested in fighting for Israel as a US proxy. In fact, I can't think of any reason they would be interested at all.

So that's a nice sentiment, send in some other country's troops to die for something or other. But I doubt it's gonna happen. I doubt that happy Condeleeza Rice expects that outcome.

Soon the UN will turn down the idea (unless Israel makes consecessions, NOT!), and our illustrious Rush Libaugh and other illuminaries will scream that they are all jew hating cowards. Then with great gravity, it will be announce that US troops will have to go in. The same troops that have already shipped out for some mysterious pre-planned, 'Big Push'.

And anti-semitism is the theme for the day. Where anyone that thought Iraq was a mistake was labelled 'anti-American' and a 'terrorist sympathiser', anyone opposing World War III or IV, (starting now in a Middle Eastern Theater near you), will be labelled anti-semite. I predict that this will be the tactic used to silence opposition, so this war can rage all accross the oil fields of the Middle East without debate. Get used to the idea that lot's of folks will soon be screaming 'Jew Hater!', 'Anti-Semite!' and finally the old standby 'Leftist Terrorist!' at anyone that asks, "What is this war for?". After all, if you don't love war, then you must hate the jewish people.

I personally don't believe in this line of thinking, but it's become a very popular argument already.

On a number of blogs, people are screaming 'Anti-Semite!' at anyone who says, "I don't like what Israel is doing in Lebanon. I'm not sure that's going to work out well for Israel."

Now that Iraq appears to be utterly lost, bush needs a new war that's better than the old war. I believe this is going to be Very Ugly. Very Bloody. And Very Senseless. As our troops take on Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, I don't see how world oil production won't take a hit.

Hard times are coming and we're rushing to greet them.

Much ado has been made that all of this is being waged, as a fulfillment of prophecy in the Book of Revelations. That a false prophet that professes to speak to God, will spout lies and lead his people into a great crusade. Then the Temple on the Mount will be rebuilt and Jesus will call his followers to heaven and descend to Earth, waging war against the false prophet and destroy him and all of his followers.

For those Christians eager to support this war, to meet Jesus, have you considered what role you're playing your own prophecies? Dudes! You're going up against Jesus! The folks that start the war will be followers of the false prophet. So who leads armies and professes to speak to God, and does his bidding these days? Who's killing for Jesus?

For my own part, I don't believe in the Book of Revelations. Evidence suggests it was all written as a spew against Nero. Evidently the author known as, 'John', had a beef with the guy.

But I do believe this war is really gonna bring us some hard times. Gas, water and food rationing will be the norm in a few years, all over the US. We're wasting precious resources on a war we can't win. Resources that could've been used to make the Post Energy Peak transition a little easier. This war will insure that the transition will be as painful as possible.

Well that's the end of my anti-semitic rant.
Have a nice day.


At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Mike said...


It's your blog, so I won't comment here any more, except to be supportive. But this sentiment is disingenuously presented:

"On a number of blogs, people are screaming 'Anti-Semite!' at anyone who says, "I don't like what Israel is doing in Lebanon. I'm not sure that's going to work out well for Israel."

You know as well as anyone, that while the "anti-semite" label is occasionally tossed at those who merely object to Israeli policy, more often it's tossed when the rhetoric includes the standard "sneaky Israeli" or "those over-influential Jewish lobbyists are sacrificing gentile lives" kind of thing.

To repeat, Weas, you know that's the case.

But it's your blog, do what you want.

At 5:34 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

It's also used anytime someone wants to shut down a conversation.

It's a way for some people to say, "LA! LA! LA! LA! My mind is closed! I'm not listening!"

In the US political discourse has been effectively ended with various labels that indicate that a person who doesn't enjoy wars are enemies of America. 'Unpatriotic' is one of those labels. You don't want the US involved in unnecessary and expensive wars, then you're 'Unpatriotic'.

The 'Anti-Semite' label has been used the same way as you know. And it's use grows whenever Israel begins embarking on actions that are clearly against the Geneva Conventions. The load mouth right wingers in the US don't hesitate to use such labels to stifle dissent.

I don't believe that Israel is alone in this action. I believe this is part of the big push that an Army Clerk was telling me about a few months ago.

The US and Israel appear to have been planning and preparing for this action for a year now.

Once the US is involved with troops, the political rhetoric of the right, will degenerate to the level of children on a playground.

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're friggin' doomed. Every time the name of Israel is brought up it brings out the raging hostilities in people like a bottle of Jack black at a Hank Williams jr. concert or something. Condi is a nightmare, so's Bush, Cheney, well, what can you say that hasn't been said a hundred times. Condi ain't no Henry Kissinger, that's for sure.

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

But Weas, how then do you define someone like me?

I say, without qualification, that Israel's gone over the line and I won't support their actions.

But I also will call someone anti-semitic if he's . . . well, being anti-semitic.

Does that make me a "stifler of debate"? And if so, what debate am I stifling, since I've already declared that I'm against Israel's actions in Lebanon?

Why can't you admit that *some* of the folks teeing off on Israel have their own agenda, very much apart from what's happening the past 3 weeks?

At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The smart bomb and aircraft video feeds coming out of Lebanon look vaguely familiar. Those Israelis have copied our technology. D'oh! I bet we gave them the weapons. Oh well, at least somebody got rich off the deal.

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Mike, I'm not going to try to define your position for you ina word or two.

The Anti-Semitic label is slur and curseword, used as often to just deride someone for disagreeing, as it is in the proper context.

It's lost its meaning as an accurate expression of someone's beliefs and feelings.

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Donna said...


You've mentioned the troop buildup and equipment painting and movement before, but could you expand a bit more here on what the army clerk told you about the big push?

This isn't the right context, but I'm sorry to have read earlier that you've lost two of your chicks to Ellie and two adult chickens to the heat. I hope the dog behaves from now on, and that the rest of your birds are weathering the weather. Will you be putting up any more photos of your garden? It would be fun to see what you're doing.

At 8:35 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

He didn't say a lot. He said that 50-55 thousand army recruits were being stationed and trained in bases near various ports.

That the ships to take them out were being readied and some were just coming into the ports.

He said they expected the order to come in that month or the next and that they would load up and sail in one big push for an upcoming offensive.

He also said the other branches of the military were making similar arrangements.

That was in early June, I believe.

I've read rumours from other folks that those ships have since sailed.

There are some folks on JHK's blog now, that are really enjoying the slaughter in Lebanon. I think I'll be staying away fromt hat blog for the day. Whether it's Lebanese or Israelis dying, it all makes me sick to my stomach. Hearing people going almost orgasmic over the killing, makes me want to vomit.

I've killed and butchered livestock, but I never enjoyed it. I've gotten now where I don't even like to kill fish. I don't have a reason to.

I only know two kinds of people that are cheerleaders for killing. The first is people who've never killed and have no first hand knowledge of it, and the second is people who do enjoy killing.

I suspect on JHK's blog, the folks that are enjoying the slaughter, fall in the first category. Killing for them probably seems romantic and heroic, and comes from an idealistic bent. They clearly have no interest in how this will work out in the long term. It's like a sports game to them, where they cheer one side or another. If their team is slaughtered next year because of actions taken this year, no matter, they'll just find another team to root for.

I digress though.

I may be getting new chicks this weekend. I'll post pictures if I do.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous donna said...


Thanks for the info. This is the kind of stuff spies look for, you know--certain indicators that something is going to happen, regardless of what the official gov'mt word is. Did I ever mention that I have an acquaintance who worked at a place that had one of only two federal contracts to supply certain types of protective clothing to the military? Their establishment got =huge= contracts for protective clothing--they worked day and night to fill the contracts--right before we invaded Iraq. That's where the stuff went, of course.

Makes you sick.

And I don't blame you if you want to time out from CFN. War is always an obscenity, and considering the stakes planet-wise this time, all wars are doubly obscene.

Did you get new chicks, then? I'd like to see pictures if you did. :-)

At 3:33 PM, Blogger confusedforeigner said...

I never quite understood the need for the word antisemitic anyway. Racism is racism whether the target is Jewish, muslim or pastafarian.

My understanding is that all arabs are semites, o that would make much of the discourse in Israeli circles 'antisemitic' too wouldn't it?

No matter, a minor point I know. I agree with you Weaseldog that it has become a tool to shut down debate when it comes to Israeli issues and a slur to brandish as a big stick to stifle public debate and keep the politicians in party line.

Can you ever get your country back from AIPAC? Whilst the neocons are the danger right now, judging by the Democrats proIsraeli screechings of late, I can't see much changing if they can get their act together anyway.

I keep asking the neocon warmongers and cheerleaders what actually happens when Damascus and Tehran are reduced to rubble, but haven't received an answer yet.

They are utterly blind to reality, where the people that have been proved right are pilloried and yesterdays mistakes and follies just don't enter the consciousness.

I need to go out and swear now.

Good blog BTW. Always interesting to get another take on events.

One last question. Are Americans commonly aware of just how much money you give to Israel?


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