Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Pharoah

I just saw a segment of bush on CNN, telling us his opinion of the Supreme Court Ruling on our prisoners in Gitmo.

The Supreme Court argued that the Geneva Convetion applies to these Prisoners of War and that we may not use military tribunals to judge them.

In answer, bush informed us that he was going to work with Congress to get the military tribunals going, so these POWs can be tried.

Essentially bush gave the Supreme Court the finger and let them know that he'll do what he wants to do. That they have no jurisdiction over him or his wishes.

I guess he'll issue a signing statement that will nullify their decision.

Some have called bush the King and some have called him America's Pope. He calls himself 'The Decider'. I'll call him 'Pharoah', as it nicely sums up all of these titles.


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