Thursday, September 28, 2006

Killing the US Constitution

I'm currently watching the Senate debate of how much of the US Constitution to gut.

From the sound of things, the torture bill will pass. Before it passes, the Sentate will pretend a while longer to debate amendments for the bill.

The Habeas Corpus amendment was voted down. In this Amendment, a prisoner in US Military custody would have the right to appeal to a court to review the case against him. Under the new bill, a prisoner has no access to a court, an attorney, does not need to know why he is being held and does not have the right to face his accuser.

Further, the US Military can arbitrary decide whom to arrest, and for what reasons. Once they do so, they can detain that person forever, wherever they want and can torture that person at will. They never need to tell anyone whom they arrested, why they arrested them or where they are holding that person. They never need produce that person to a court, ever. they can keep that person forever, without ever bringing charges or accusing that person of a crime.

So our enemies amd people that might be living in the wrong place at the wrong time, need to understand that once captured, the US Military will detain you and torture you to the end of your days. You may never be released or see your family again.

This decision by our legislature, is designed to inspire fear of the US Military. And you should be afraid now. If our President wants you picked up, you will be tortured, you will be lost in the system, you will become disappeared.

It doesn't matter whome you are, the Great Decider will have the final authority in determing what your rights are, and whether the US Military will grant you any.

So speak out against the Republican Party at your own peril. They are about to be hadned the right to detain and torture anyone they see fit.

It's a new era we're entering. The Rule of Law will be decided and invented on the fly, by the Great Decider. Cross the Great Decider and you may spend the rest of your days being tortured.

As I've listened, the amendment to require that the US Military report on whom they are holding and how they are treated, has been voted down. Secret Prisons and Secret Prisons will become legal if this bill is passed.

Now they are debating whether this bill should be permanent or should have a sunset provision.


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