Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Lite Brite Terrorists

Interview with the guys that held a city hostage with their 'Lite Brite' advertising campaign.

Just to recap, these young men put the entire Luddite Village of Boston into a panic, by placing advertising displays around the town. The local police, were frightened be the technology of electric lighting and arrested these young men on charges of witchcraft or terrorism or for embarrassing them or something. The Mayor of Boston says he spent over a million dollars investigating devilish devices and he's mad. So he's gonna get those boys.

I guess we'll see them in stocks for a few days and maybe they'll get waterboarded in a local pond on Sunday, to cleanse them of evil spirits.


At 8:33 PM, Anonymous mort said...

Those dudes are definitely a threat to national security. Did you see the hair on that one on the right? You can tell by looking at those two that they are up to no good. Good thing the chimp police stopped them before this lite brite terrorism got out of control. Hats off to Boston's finest. They blew up someone's lunch at OU last summer. I think it was a tuna sandwich or something. High mercury content in tuna, good riddance!


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