Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Email To The Mayor Of Boston

I want to congratulate you guys on a publicity stunt, that was really well done.

What gave you folks the idea to act as the Keystone Cops in this charade to help advertise a comedy show?

I hope to see more cities in the future present a lighter to side of themselves. In all of the fear mongering and imaginary threats our government invents and then takes credit for preventing, its nice to see that some government agencies see the humor in it all.

Kudos to you for becoming a part of the this publicity stunt, and showing us the absurdity of a government that wants all of its citizens to live in a perpetual state of paralyzing fear of the world around them.

Your endorsement of this show and the Turner network has encouraged me to catch an episode or two when it airs.

You guys gave me a wonderful laugh to wake up to. Thank you for brightening my day!


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