Thursday, February 01, 2007

Major Breakthrough In The War On Terror

Two of the world's most dangerous terrorists were arrested in Boston overnight.

They had spent two weeks hanging up battery powered signs all over Boston, advertising a new comedy show.

One day, Homeland security noticed these signs that had been there for a while and freaked out. They took the signs down, determined they were harmless and then arrested the two men for perpetrating a bomb scare.

This gave public officials a chance to grand stand in the war on terror. They puffed up. They looked important. They said important sounding things.

And now America can rest easy, knowing that Homeland Security responded to another imaginary threat, took action and prevented the terrorist attack, that never was.

they should congratulate themselves on their ability to take an advertising campaign for a comedy show, and run with it. They volunteered to turn themselves into the butt of the joke. They should all get raises and medals of freedom for this comedy routine.

Homeland Security, home of some of America's favorite clowns.

Story Here.


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I know I feel better.


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