Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tony Snowjob, Lies, Obfuscates, Does His Pretzel Imitation

h/t Crooks And Liars

I guess he doesn't want to talk about the charges, so he keeps saying none have been made.

The charge is that the President's Wire Tapping Program violates the US Constitution and Federal Law.

He says that everyone and everything has been made available. As a reporter points, out, they are available so long as they aren't under oath and transcripts of their interviews are not kept. And Bush has specifically ordered a number of people not to testify. Currently Harriet Meir's and Josh Bolton have refused to testify and have been declared in 'Contempt'.

It seems that every word, every sentence, everything that comes out of the White House now is composed of lies.

An also found on Crooks And Liars, we have this lovely video about the dangers of Red Communism. This sounds remarkably like Bush's plan to make us safer by eliminating our freedoms, so the terrorists will quit hating us for our freedoms.

Jon Stewart on Contempt Charges.


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