Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Live!

Yay! I'm 45 today!

In other news, the talking heads are effused about gasoline prices coming down.

Not a word about the new multi-billion dollar subsidy bill that Congress recently passed to buy the oil industry off.

And on the SOTU... The wars are great and we're surging in Afghanistan! And we're gonna keep surging in Iraq. 20,000 soldiers are coming home, as they have served so long that they can't be redeployed unless they volunteer.

Bush can't keep us safe unless he listens in and records all of our private communications.

The economy is great and wonderful! We have the best economy ever! Never has the world seen such a great economy as we have now!

We're number one in health care!

Iran is evil and must be destroyed. Bush looks forward to the day when the Iranian people win their freedom!

Al Qaeda is on the run. Al Qaeda is all powerful. Al Qaeda is extremely dangerous. We're winning against Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is losing. Al Qaeda is growing stronger. We must be diligent in our fight against Al Qaeda... Does anyone know how to spell Al Qaeda?

We will have more wars!


At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I no longer care if Bush keeps me safe or not. Color me blue. Next up: McCain v Clinton. If they are trying to depress the hell out of me they are doing a good job. Egad.


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