Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Promoting War Growth

Obama may have finally found a way to differentiate himself from Bush. He may ask us to pay extra for the wars. Bush simply borrowed money to promote his wars, preferring instead to bloat the national debt faster than it's ever bloated before.

Now, Obama is breaking the Bush records in borrowing and spending. But evidently he needs even more money for spending. After all his decision to send 30,000 more troops is expected to (officially) cost an extra $30 billion a year.

So here we go! New Taxes!

Now Obama did a good job in pretending to think about his decision to send more troops. But really, he had no choice. There are few options available to him for creating jobs, so long as he's using the piss down system, where he gives free money to the largest corporations, and they in turn, piss on the taxpayer.

And of course, every industry must grow. Eternal Growth is the cornerstone to the capitalist system as we practice it today. Obama has already made it possible for a few financial institutions to see endless growth, through endlessly increasing sums of regular free money payments.

Now we he needs to look to the defense industry and find a way to make it grow forever. After all, if the defense industry keeps growing, then it will keep the Chinese happy, because it will create manufacturing jobs in China. Of course it will create a few jobs in States, but we can't make weapons as cheap as the Chinese can. and we need to make them happy. We owe them a lot of money. So look forward to more defense contracts going their way.

Now to increase demand for consumables in war, we need more soldiers and more killing. Creating rotting human hamburger, takes work, hard work. And the more human beings we turn into burnt rotting hamburger meat, the more jobs we'll create.

This is really the last frontier for us as a nation. To become a war factory. War is already our biggest export. And to keep the war economy growing, we'll need to keep the wars growing.

After all, if peace breaks out, the gov won't be able to justify dramatic increases in borrowing and spending, as they do now. It's easier to manipulate people out fear, than reason. Reason requires truth telling, and that would signal the Apocalypse. After all, truly acting in an ethical manner, would mean recognizing how screwed we are, and paying the piper, before things get any worse. It would mean popping the bubble and living with the consequences.

We will not do that. We will expand the bubble, and increase the war machine until it comes back to our own shores. When the bubble does pop, it will be an explosion heard around the world and none of us will be untouched.

Obama can't back down and he won't. He's chained to the treadmill of eternal growth. and he, like us, lives on a finite planet. He must expand the wars. We must increase the rate that we explode bombs, bullets, mines and rockets. He must work to turn human beings into rotting hamburger at an ever faster rate, forever.

Yes, Obama looked wise when he pretending to think on whether to send more troops or take the wars in a different direction. But he really had no choice. The delay was for our benefit, to help us trust that he really is in control, and that he really did think about what he had to do. But his path was already laid before him. He cannot turn his back on the quest for eternal growth, on a finite planet.

The wars must grow, so that profits can grow. There are no other options available to those that worship at the altar of Mammon. And so long as they run our country, that's how it's going to be.


At 4:31 PM, Blogger an average patriot said...

Hi Wease
A war tax, People won't go for it but they don't matter. Repubs might go for that just to turn the people further against Obama as they are pissed because the economy is not improving thanks to Republicans help.

Adding troops is a huge mistake. Can you imagine the stupidity saying your going to add 30000 troops and have them out before his time is up. 2012 is almost here he is FFFing up!

At 7:32 AM, Blogger Publius said...

Obama is a mandarin: a well-educated, suave mouthpiece.
It isn't going to end well. We'd better be ready as individuals and families for the coming hell.

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frying the skin off babies is big business.


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