Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Promotes Surge,Citing Lack Of Justification

Barack Obama enlists Afghan war leaks in support of policy switch

Material cataloguing blunders justifies decision to deploy 30,000 more US troops, US president says


Obama has now made a statement in regards to the WikiLeaks release of military documents on Afghanistan.

Up to now, Obama has been clear that the war in Afghanistan is continuing to exist just fine, and we don't need to make any changes to keep it going. The war continues to be an ongoing success that isn't too hot or too cold. It perfect simmering just as it is.

With the WikiLeaks release, Obama says that nothing new has come out. The situation is unchanged.

Because nothing has changed, and WikiLeaks doesn't change anything, and the war continues to prosper, Obama tells us that the lack of change proves that he needs to order another surge.

To paraphrase, 'It ain't broke, so Obama is gonna fix it.'

I love the subtitle to the article, "Material cataloguing blunders justifies decision to deploy 30,000 more US troops, US president says". I don't understand it, but it's one of those politico gobbledy gook things that politicians say when are trying to sound smart. And you know they don't have a clue what they are say either. But it's cool baby talk. I guess it's better than him sucking his thumb when he doesn't want to answer a question.

But look out folks, i can tell you now that whenever "Material cataloguing blunders" occur, it means that Obama is gonna have to order the slaughter of a lot more innocent human beings. Someone has to pay.

And as to all of the hero crap tossed around about WikiLeaks, isn't it convenient that these leaks are all providing more justification for slaughtering more and more human beings for no good reason, except to keep the profits of war profiteers growing?


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