Monday, November 22, 2010

DANGER! Airline Travel Is Extremely Dangerous!

Our government has been carefully weighing the evidence and has clearly determined that airline travel in the USA is incredibly dangerous and vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Dick Cheney and many others in our government have warned us, again and again that they know for a fact that more terrorist attacks are coming. They know all about the attacks and they know these attacks cannot be prevented.

The new TSA scanners and the procedures where TSA personnel now massage our genitalia, looking for weapons of mass destruction is further proof that our government knows the danger is imminent. The incredible expense the government is going to, to buy these expensive machines and to train their staff to fiddle about with the genitalia and men, women and children proves that the threat is of unparalleled magnitude. Further, the USA is the only country where the danger of terrorism is so great. The government strip searches so many thousands of Americans every day, because it understands that many, many Americans are terrorists.

Israel doesn't have such invasive security measures in place, and yet it has suffered more terrorist attacks than the USA. The fact that Americans need such an invasive security demonstrates that our government knows a massive attack, led by terrorist Americans, is coming.

Yet our government hasn't thought of the simplest solution. Why not take the weapons away from the terrorists? Why continue to make aircraft available to them? Our government knows that our aircraft are a very real and pressing danger to the security of our nation. They are flying bombs, weapons of mass destruction. Further, no matter how vigilant we are, eventually the terrorists will find a way to use these bombs again.

It's time to abolish commercial air flights in the USA. So long as average Americans are allowed to fly, there will be more exploding airplanes, and aircraft flying into buildings. The massaging of genitalia and photographing of naked Americans (at least from the perspective of using radiation viewing, in TSA scanners), has potentially stopped many thousands of attacks every week. But for how long?

It's time to end all commercial air travel within the United States of America. If we don't then, Dick Cheney's prediction of a massive terrorist attack will definitely happen.

Write your Congressman today. Ask him to end all commercial air travel in the USA. Help make the skies safe again. The USA is the most dangerous country in the world to live in. Let's make it the safest.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous edgar said...

Don't forget metal fatigue. Don't fly, it's too dangerous! If the terrorists don't kill you the ex-con tsa agents will molest your baby.

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

What edgar said. Gawd I love this post!

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Bukko Canukko said...

Let's not just stop planes from flying; let's blow a few out of the sky with our world-beating anti-aircraft missiles! That'll show the terrrrrrrrrists we mean business, and it will FER SHER make Americans stop wanting to fly, ever ever again.


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