Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Random Observations....

I'm currently looking at a 236.51 rise in the DOW. It was getting dangerously close to the magic 10,000 mark. This comes on the heels of Obama announcing a new phase of our 'mission' in Iraq. As the market is increasingly a construct of manipulation between the banks and the Federal Government, the Obama declaration is as good a cover as any to inject new taxpayer debt into it. The bankers need to see their income continue to grow. As Americans continue to see their wages slide, the only way for bankers to see their standard of living rise, is through direct Fed intervention.

So we went from a War on Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein, to 'Mission Accomplished', to 'Current Mission Phase Over'? Of course, the term 'War' doesn't fit a never ending slaughter. Wars are meant to be won. Then you agree to terms. Then you have peace.

The USA defeated Saddam's government. The USA deposed Saddam. The USA won. But the USA didn't want to just win the war, it needed to conquer the people. The people need to be beaten and broken.

The USA continues to fight the people of Iraq for control of the country. It was largely won by killing over 1.5 million Iraqis and forcing 3-4 million to flee the country. We are told this is worth it, because 'Saddam killed thousands of his own people.'

We've now gone from major combat operations, where we shell city blocks with phosgene or bust down doors and machine gun families to death, to outsourcing these activities. Now Iraqis who who enjoy being part of death squads, and hired mercenaries who enjoy slaughtering families for money, can do the heavy lifting of making sure the people understand the meaning of defeat.


In local news, Dallas county is raising the property tax rate 1.5%. Home values have been declining as unemployment rises. The County, which like most government entities, only plans for ever brightening economic news. So it's finding itself in a bind. Passes for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) are seeing a big fare increase. They've essentially doubled in price over the last couple of years. The new fare looks to be a break even for me on vehicle drive costs and riding the trains. For many people, getting back on the road will likely be cheaper. DART is partly financed by sales taxes. Revenue is down as incomes decline. DART is working on some major expansions, and being squeezed by the increasing poverty of it's riders, and increasing expenses.

And it looks like Homeland security is taking an interest in DART.
Passengers report presence of Homeland Security guards on trains this morning.

I've seen them brings dogs onboard in the past. I notice, because with all of the animals I care for, they all home in on me. I'm a smorgasbord of scents for their sensitive noses.

Back on the county tax hike, a woman whose husband is a county employ was interviewed. She's relieved about the increase as she has two children and if they saw a pay cut, she doesn't know what she'd do. As I thought about how the one year anniversary of my 20% pay cut, just passed by in July, I found it difficult to summon any sympathy for her fears. Those of you on the government payroll, you've got it better than the rest of us. But if you're not Federal, you should be putting in applications. City and County jobs may seem safe now, but tax raises only help if people have money to pay them. As private industry continues to decline, revenue will decline and your jobs will be shed.

If you're a Federal Employee, then your salary is fueled by the Federal Government's infinite borrowing capacity. an infinite quantity of money can be borrowed from banks, that borrow from the Fed, that has an infinite money making machine. So you can be assured you'll have a job, and regular raises, no matter how high unemployment goes.


Hurricane Earl looks worrisome. Many of coastal cities that it could be hitting, haven't seen a hurricane in some time. Our Federal Government's ability to respond to crisis that don't involve slaughtering civilians, has been eviscerated by Bush, and left in a state of disrepair by Obama. Obama is comfortable sending the military out to slaughter innocent people in other countries, or printing pallets of money to give to rich friends, but he doesn't seem to have any real interest in domestic concerns. If the Coastal States are hit hard, the death toll and misery in the aftermath could be staggering. Obama's unlikely to step up and show any leadership if this occurs.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the hurricane becomes a non-event. Much as I'd like to see the world recognize that Obama is a passive empty suit, I'd prefer is didn't happen with a natural disaster.


Food prices keep going up. With the grain shortage in Russia from the failed crop, the US has been shipping a significant tonnage overseas. Bread prices are already rising in my area. Soon we should see rises in other foods as the price increases trickle up into other products.


Over on Peak Oil Debunked, the fact that demand hasn't bounced back quickly is touted as proof that demand destruction is a myth. At least on poster isn't even sure if there is an economic crisis. Others explain that energy and economics have no connections. They exist in separate worlds, with separate rules. In their view, what happens in energy has no effect on economics. As they also explain, current trends show that the world doesn't need growing energy supplies. After all demand is low and we have a supply glut. Obviously, everything is hunky dory! Fred Hutter is posting there now. He gave me a lot of crap about my predictions in 2000 and 2001 that we were about to see a peak. He's continuing to argue the old EIA mantra that demand drives supply. So in his view, we'll peak in 2030 or so.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Kitty said...

Hi Wealseldog!!!

"...demand drives supply..."

In oil???

Makes no sense since oil was cooked into the earth 10,000s of years ago...

Food inflation... tough one...

We still have it much better than most of the world though...

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

We still have it much better than most of the world though...

Pretty much. These are the good ole' days.

At 6:56 PM, Anonymous edgar said...

In local news, Dallas county is raising the property tax rate 1.5%. Home values have been declining as unemployment rises. The County, which like most government entities, only plans for ever brightening economic news. So it's finding itself in a bind. Passes for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) are seeing a big fare increase. They've essentially doubled in price over the last couple of years...

[very interesting]

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous edgar said...

tell the pod people to gnaw on [this]

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still problems posting on GTL. Let me try here. Mike Hatcher- AKA on GTL's site Mike 300 Spartans.

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Clearly it's not you Mike.

GTL is on Wordpress though. This site is on / google.

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Mike Hatcher said...

I keep trying, even this site is hit and miss it seems

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Mike Hatcher said...

yeah, back in business! And a picture of my wife and I when we were 22 years younger. Yep, celebrated 22nd anniversary just last week. Anyway, since I cant seem to post on GTL at the moment. While a king might see an advantage of claiming to be either a god or at least the voice/messenger of a god, a lot of the Bible stories, even if they were myths, differ greatly if nothing else on how self effacing they are. The particular example I sited was Saul and the Amalekites is a good example of this, in that story Saul, the king was called out and shamed for NOT having killed all the Amalekites , he spared some, including the king as a war trophy, if it was him just running a game, why did he, with power to put anyone to death that he wished, undermine his own image by putting out the story that he was wrong it what he did? As far as Masada and Koresh, yes I would agree the parallels are comparable, but while I believe the story of Masada is relatively historically accurate, it isn't in the Bible so I wouldn't use it to glean concepts of what God's character is. What I'm trying to say is, even though the defenders of Masada committed suicide, I would not infer from that that God had directed them to do so.

At 9:21 PM, Blogger Mike Hatcher said...

by the way, that private info isn't about me or anything we are talking about, it is about another blogger. If you could give me some kind of indication of your e-mail if you do send me one, perhaps put weasel dog on the subject line so I don't mistake it for junk mail or something.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Bukko Canukko said...

Weas, is this guy you? He mentions living in Texas (albeit in Waco, I think he said.)

P.S. I know he's not ACTUALLY you, but he professes many things I think you espouse.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Congratulations on the 22 years! It's nice to see happy successful marriages these days. My wife and I were also married in '88. Must have been a good year for that.


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