Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Games Politicians Play

Atrios seems to have come the same conclusion I’ve come to. He writes, “Watching the bobblehead coverage of the Alito hearings - and, frankly, just about everything else they cover - one comes away think that to them it just doesn't really matter. Court decisions don't matter. Policy doesn't matter. None of this stuff matters. It's just a game played between rival high school football teams and they're just happy to go to the homecoming dance.”

And I agree, for the most part. But further, they also want to take home wheelbarrows full of cash. And they’ll break any law, commit any crime necessary to get that cash. It doesn’t appear that they care that they are committing felonies by taking bribes or whether they’ll get caught. And maybe it’s just a big joke on the American people anyway. After all, President Bush can give them all pardons anyway.

In his continued support for the Patriot Act, Pete Sessions continues to trash the US Constitution. He argues that no one has no one has complained to Feingold about their rights being violated by this law. Which is a non-answer, to a non-question. The Patriot Act allows secret spying and secret detentions of Americans without allowing them Constitutional protections. How is someone that isn’t allowed to speak to an attorney, their family or anyone except prison guards in a secret prison, going to complain? Does Feingold visit torture facilities to solicit complaints? I doubt it. And if the spying is secret, how do we know to complain?

Then he goes on to brag about BS legislation to make it illegal to try to bring down an aircraft. That’s all these guys seem to be good for is to write laws to make it illegal to break laws, crap on the US Constitution and take bribes.

At least we know Pete Sessions commits crimes by taking bribes and that he is an enemy of the US Constitution. But I doubt the other criminals in public office will call him on this.


At 7:54 PM, Anonymous ben maray said...

Way to go! Have been reading your blogs and they are a breath of fresh air.

Please do keep on hammering!


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

I second that.

Nice post Weas.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Russel said...

Good luck is all I can say. I fought corruption in the South African police department for two years and it all amounted to nothing.


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