Monday, January 09, 2006

Hello Pete Sessions! Are You Stupid?

I’ve been reading a bit about how Jack Abramoff, who has plead guilty to felony bribery charges, had a history of paying you off the day after you signed legislations that he asked for. A number of sources put the total amount of money you accepted from this confessed bribery criminal at about $20,500.

This guy was giving away millions of dollars and you risked prison for a paltry $20,500? Dude! You sell your soul cheap! This has the potential of landing you in prison for years and that amount of money probably won’t support your lifestyle for a month!

First off, I don’t advocate becoming a criminal. But it looks like you decided to become one. But if you’re going commit crimes for hire, do the math first! You should calculate how many years in prison you’re likely to get for committing the offence and then ask for some reasonable percentage of that. For instance, if you were to get 10 years of prison time for accepting $20,500 in bribery payments, you’ll be earning $2,050 / year. That’s not much money.

But the main stream press as far as I can tell, only reported that you may have accepted $5,500 in bribes. That comes out to be $550 / year for a ten year prison sentence. That’s really, really stupid. Not just stupid, really, really stupid. That’s stupid on the order of a guy that holds up a grocery store and spends ten years in prison stupid.

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, received four donations totaling $5,500 from casino-operating tribes represented by Abramoff a month and a day after he signed the Feb. 27, 2002, group letter.

As always, this is an open letter. Your comments are very welcome and I will be happy to post them, unedited on my blog.


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