Monday, July 31, 2006

Depleted Uranium, Israel's Self Inflicted Curse

Thank you, to Red State Son for this clip from the Monkees.

And finally -- The Monkees, from their album "Headquarters" on which they played their own instruments, "Randy Scouse Git," an anti-war song written and sung by Micky Dolenz.

As always, anti-war songs are always relevant. As war is always with us.

I'm done with Jim Howard Kuntsler's blog. Today's entry is filled with extreme rhetoric and hate that is prevalent among extremists of every stripe. If you change some of the names of ethnic groups around, you can use this template for hate speech in any situation.

Now I'll admit right up front, I could only read a portion of it. It sounded so much like the KKK arguments I grew up hearing in East Texas and in Bible School that it made me sick to my stomach.

It's easy enough for Amateur Chickenhawk Generals like Jim to get excited about the slaughter in the Middle East, but he won't be delivering Israeli babies over the next few million years with deformed bodies and cancers from the Depleted Uranium they are ingesting, thanks to Genocidal Chickenhawks on this side of the pond.

What matters to these folks is clearly not the future, as this international conflict must create more problems than it will solve, but instead what matters is their lust for vengeance and the joy they take in knowing that they are helping to support this slaughter.

Even if Israel manages to kill 150 million Arabs and takes control over the entire Middle East, the poisons they injest by using depleted uranium ordnance, will cause their family lines to wither.

Missing limbs, missing organs, organs growing outside of their bodies and babies born with no brains will become the new Israeli curse as a result of this war, even if they win. The curse that the US has inflicted on Iraq and it's own servicemen will soon be a curse on Israel, as they intend to live on the land and breath the air and drink the water, poisoned by their own war, for many hundreds of generations to come.


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kudos wease. a part of me wonders if his bellicosity is not on purpose to drive away some readers. sad really. i exchanged email with him a couple of times, and he seemed like a reasonable person. who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men....


still going to keep a link to his blog? i wouldn't.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Barry said...

Yep, wease - I'm taking a sabbatical, as well. TOD and several others provide plenty of Peak Oil info . . . plus, I've got my own to take care of and prepare.
Here's hopin' that our crazy weather doesn't adversely affect your birds and garden. It's been unusually warm in places where it is normally not. Global warming? Or just a weather cycle? Who knows . . . but, the 'easy motoring' lifestyle probably doesn't help any.
Have a good one, bro -

At 3:43 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Since last summer, when I read the "Long Emergency" with considerable interest, I've been intrigued by JK. I got pulled into his weekly posts at CFN and have spent more time than was worthwhile reading the various comments.

I've come to know regulars like W'dog and others from their comments and respect many of them for their thoughful posts.

Like W'dog, (and others) Kunstler's recent forays into the Middle East have left me scratching my head and wondering how someone could seem so right on the issues of Peak Oil, yet be so myopic when it comes to Middle Eastern politics?

While I can't say I'll never visit CFN, I'm taking down the link I have on my blog and have found better ways to occupy my time, than reading his pro-Zionist takes on this very strategic area of the world.

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Puma said...

God, Kunstler is an ass. And personally, I see a direct connection between his overt disrespect for women (which I pointed out to a chorus of dissent in comments) and his obscene disregard for the lives of the women and children being murdered all over the Middle East. It's no surprise to me, to see him finally show his true colors. He showed them to me in email a long time ago. As I mentioned before on his blog, folks who pay attention to Peak Oil and are concerned with constructing viable and positive approaches to the coming changes would do well to be careful which celebrities they get in bed with.

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Ellie said...

I guess I'm also junmping ship from CFN. I keep hoping JKH will return to the subject of PO, but I'm afraid it's not to be.

As to Wease's much more insightful comment on the conflict in the ME- ahhh, good old DU. The bastard child of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and militerism run completely amuck. It continues to amaze me how humans can be so shortsighted about what they are doing to the future, but maybe it's in our nature. Whenever people talk about how nuclear power is going to be our salvation from the energy crisis, I think, the 20th aniversery of Chernobyl just happened. Are people honestly ok with the hundereds and thousands of children they would be dooming? I saw a picture of one Chernobyl child where his brain was growing outside of his skull- it was horrifying, like something you would see out of a bad 80's B flick on mad scientists and genetic experimentation. Except this child was real, and his nasty brutal short life was real. What would you say if this was your own child? What would you say to him if he looked you in the face and asked why you thought nuclear power, or using DU weapons on civilians was ok. Is his life an "aceptable risk"? The whole thing makes me sick. And there is JHK from his position of wealth comfort and ignorance in the American suburbs, cheerleading for all he is worth.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Weaseldog said...

Thanks for visiting folks.

I think Jim's blog has consumed a bit too much of my thinking and exploration over the last year. I've trotted out a few ideas there that I thought even then, deserved more time and a space to explore them in. In other words, I should've been posting them here.

And thank you Jim for the links and commentary on your own blog. I've been exploring some of those links today.

Donna, I haven't gotten any chicks yet. The woman I'm buying them from, lives some distance away, and she's unavailable it seems. She answers my emails, but won't commit to a time for me to come get them. The last email she sent me, she tried to interest me in a lot more birds. Perhaps she's hoping I'll buy more if IK wait longer? I don't know.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Alan P. said...

Nice to see some of the crowd from CFN over here. This is close to CFN as I get from here on out. JHK and the crowd over there have gotten more and more extremist over time. You can't even have a peak oil conversation any more. Oh well, hopefully some stragglers will wander over here or to Mike's blog. mr. x/Mort out.


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