Monday, August 07, 2006

Al Gore's Penguin Army

I finally got around to seeing this oil industry sponsored film.

The premise is simple, 'Science is boring, fantasy movies are cool'.

It is funny and hypocritical that an entire industry that owes it's very existence to science, slams science in this fashion. this is the same industry that suffering from a lack of supply of new geologists, that are needed to replace the ones retiring.

Though it's being slammed a bit, I think it's an excellent mirror of culture in the US. Real life stuff is boring even if it may kill you, but made up realities are entertaining and should take up a disportionate share of our time and money.

We're sleep walking into the future. And even the oil industry is promoting the very ignorance that is going to hasten it's decay.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Ellie said...

wow, I haddn't seen that before. Is that really the great oil industry's response to Al? We're going to make fun of him by calling him boring and saying no one went to see his movie? That's pretty pathetic ... I can't even get my head around how sad that video is ...


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