Monday, October 02, 2006

Like Maggots On A Dead Cat

"A Story told by Pete Seeger"

"There were two maggots, on the blade of a shovel. Someone picked up the shovel, slung it over his shoulder and started down the road. As he walked along, the shovel was jarred with each step. The maggots hung on for dear life, but ultimately, they fell off.

One fell into a crack in the pavement, and the other fell into a cat - a very large, very dead cat - lying beside the road. The one who fell into the dead cat, immediately began to eat.

He ate and ate and ate. Finally after three days, when he couldn't eat anymore, he humped himself up over the edge of the road and began to look for his brother. He came to the crack in the highway, and peered into it.

"Are you down there brother?" he called.

"Yes, I've been down here for three days without a bite to eat or a drop to drink and I am nearly starved to death. But you, you are so sleek and fat! To what do you attribute your success?"

"Brains and personality, brother, brains and personality."

The Republican Party has known for years that Mark Foley is a pedophile.

Bush has been illegally wiretapping for years. There's been some rumors that the good people of the US Congress have been illegally wiretapped.

So its extremely likely the White House has evidence of Mark Foley's misdeeds.

So why was he exposed Thursday and resigned Friday? Why did it happeWhyhen? why not sooner? Why not later?

Perhaps it had something to do with legislation being debated in the Senate? You know the bill, the one that allows the US Military to capture and detain US citizens secretly, to be tortured. The one that removes all rights from anyone that they capture? The one that creates an American Gulag System?

In politics, coincidences pile up like maggots on a dead cat. Amazing Eh? And so lucky! Or is it brains and personality? It might well be.

Mark Foley as a way of atoning for being a habitual pedophile, has entered and alcoholic treatment program. That way he doesn't have to go to prison, get beaten up and buggered, like other pedophiles do. He's a special Republican Congressman Pedophile and so won't have to pay his debt to society.

In the meantime, on Radio, TV and in print, the Republican Spin Machine is going like mad.

According to Republican Morality, engaging pedophilia is as bad as consensual adults engaging in sex. When a middle aged man has an affair with a nineteen year old consenting woman, it's no different than a middle aged man having sex with children.

And that's more of the new morality from the part that says torture is 'Good and Wholesome' (Rush Limbaugh).

Pedophilia is the same as heterosexual adults engaging in consensual sex? No wonder the Republican Party thinks that torture is 'Good and Wholesome'! Their moral compasss is whacked!


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