Thursday, June 07, 2007

Amputee Goldbrickers Returning To War

In the following NPR newscast, we learn that our soldiers fighting the 50 year war in Iraq, will keep going back, even if their limbs are amputated.

Amputee Wounded in Iraq to Return to Active Duty

Now Capt. David Rozelle is volunteering to go back. With troop shortages increasing, this is likely to become mandatory. Our military is facing a desperate situation.

Republican Hawks are openly calling for a dramatic defeat in Iraq, so that the US public will get behind a huge offensive.

The plan that we're hearing from Republicans now is to push into Iran, so that the floodgates will be opened in Iraq. Once our troops are slaughtered there, the US citizenry will rise up and demand vengeance. Then somehow, perhaps through a draft, we'll gather up the manpower to put forth a WWII style offensive.

Another favorite Republican plan seems to be a hope that the US will be hit with another major terrorist attack. If the US is hit with a major terrorist offensive, then this will prove that Bush is protecting us from attacks. In the Republican world, you're safest when you're getting your ass kicked.

I find it ironic that we've come so far supporting our troops means that we're setting them up to be slaughtered, and that inviting and hoping for terrorist attacks is a strategy designed to make us safer.

The Republican ego and lust for glory is like a tick swollen to the burting point. Now they want many more thousands of Americans to die, to prove that they weren't wrong about the Muslim threat. And they are going to keep pushing for the slaughter of Muslims, until their paranoid beliefs become a self fulfilling prophecy.

If we get to the point, where we nuke Iran and kill many millions of people for ego, how will this reflect on Christianity? Do Christians want to be known for committing the single most heinous act in the history of the Holy Crusades?

What kind of person would kill millions of people to avoid admitting that they were wrong?


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of person would kill millions of people to avoid admitting that they were wrong?

You're trolling me Weaseldog, you already know the answer to this. The current crooks who run the gubbermint will never take the blame for anything, they just keep running things into the ground without conscience.


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