Tuesday, September 11, 2007

River Is In Syria

Check out her latest post on Baghdad Burning.

Part of the success of the surge, is the creation of a flood of refugees leaving Iraq. Driving people from their homes and out of the country they were born in, is evidently an important part of Bush's plan to bring peace and democracy to Iraq. A nation with no people in it, is probably easier for Halliburton to govern.

Yesterday's report by Petraeus was interesting to say the least. The Republicans that spoke, did everything but perform fellatio on Petraeus. Heck, we don't know what happened in the head. Perhaps they lined up to service him in the bathroom stalls?

MoveOn.org took a beating from Republicans. They evidently know that many people are calling General Westmoreland Petraeus by the name of 'Betrayus'. Rep. Duncan Hunter told us that he hadn't read the Westmoreland Petraeus report, but he knew it was going to be informative and accurate. After all, Rep. Duncan Hunter has psychic powers. He slammed liberal bloggers for predicting that Petreaus would just argue that he needed another six months to gauge the progress in a Iraq and that we need to just keep on keeping on. Well, that is what General Westmoreland Petraeus said. But Rep. Duncan Hunter loved the way he said it.

War and Slaughter lover Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen continued the lovefest and condemned bloggers for not loving the slaughter of human beings in Iraq as much as she does. She expressed her love and undying devotion to General Westmoreland Petraeus and spewed venom and vile at anyone who accused her idol of working for the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces. She made it very clear that she hates bloggers who want peace. She urged everyone to embrace the slaughter and butcher of other human beings, to embrace the lie of Iraq and to distance themselves from those that do not love war and cooking children alive with phosgene. Oh, yeah, and if you disagree with her about anything, then you are a terrorist. She is the only Patriotic American who has ever lived.

When Rep. Tom Lantos asked Petraeus where this war will be in four years and if we're in the same place, would it be worth it, General Westmoreland Petraeus began rambling about Al Qaida. He could've said that he didn't believe that this scenario would come to pass, but it sounds like he didn't expect the question. The first thing that he thought of was probably the truth, that this is the plan. He couldn't say that, so he answered a question that wasn't asked. From that exchange, I think that it is safe to believe that General Westmoreland Petraeus intends for the war in Iraq to be no further along in four years, than it is now.

I wasn't surprised when he told us that he hadn't anticipated much of what has happened in Iraq. His military career doesn't include any real combat experience. From his resume, it looks like he rose through the ranks by being reliable, and not from any real talent or skill. Where a qualified combat general would be trying to anticipate change on the battlefield, General Westmoreland Petraeus expects plodding conformity. He is surprised by change.

The real kicker came when he was asked about plans to build a new base on the Iran/Iraq border. He didn't know anything about it.

If Petraeus doesn't know about new bases being built or changes on the battlefield, then who does? Who is actually running this war, if General Westmoreland Petraeus isn't?


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