Thursday, January 07, 2010

Global Warming

Global Warming is big news again. Some criminals hacked into computers at a University in East Anglia, committing felonies in the process. Then the folks who want to poison our food water and air, all went agog because they discovered that two climatologists are in disagreement over the meaning of some of the data. And Oh My God! A report was uncovered that had the word 'Trick' embedded in the title. Trick meaning a clever idea or device.

And this proves that there is a vast conspiracy in the scientific community and all of scientific data in the world has been falsified.

Likewise the Mark Foley emails and text messages prove that the Republican Party is involved a huge conspiracy to promote pedophilia and child pornography. And of course, all Republicans are pedophiles and prefer young boys over women. We have hundreds of emails from Mark Foley proving this conspiracy. To prove a vast Global Warming Conspiracy, only two emails were needed. Two emails, detailing a disagreement over he interpretation of data, proves that hundreds of thousands of scientists are faking their data and that all scientists are liars in a grand conspiracy.

And the emails never even suggested that any sort of conspiracy exists!

But all sarcasm aside, scientists often disagree over interpretations of data. This isn't news to most people . but to the uneducated, it is a bombshell. After all, don't all scientists know everything? Aren't they all like Professor Jacob Barnhardt? Kindly old men that are wise and thoughtful, working together in a community with no disagreements? Actually they are not. They are human beings that typically spend much of their lives chasing data in a narrow fields of endeavors. they don't know everything. They know a few things very well. and each sees the world a little differently, just as the rest of us do.

To be blunt, when I look at the breath and scope of this 'Conspiracy Theory Hysteria', I can't help but feel sad for my fellow humans and their desperation to believe that their world is fossilized and frozen and that it will not change. Further, that there are no consequences for our actions and that we are blameless.

We are so eager to believe this, that will cling to any pretense that we are righteous and worshipped by God, and all that we do is good and wholesome. I don't blame my fellow humans for wishing that this were true and fighting for their right to believe in it. But I do wish that this were not one of the traits that define us.

We are a species that does things because we can. Then we create solutions for the problems that arise, and then solutions for the problems that the solutions produce. We cannot stop and think about whether we should do something. We just do it.

We build hundreds of thousands of bombs that can incinerate millions of people, because we can. We invent weapons that can burn children alive in their beds, then we use them to burn children alive in their beds, because we can. Oh and it promotes freedom and makes us great. We create cluster bombs that are designed to look like aid packages so that children will open them, hoping to find food. We do this because we can. We pollute our lawns which pollute our waterways, which poisons the fish and shrimp that we eat, because we can. We poison our rivers, our drinking water, because we can. And because we can, we must.

And this leads me to an important point. It doesn't matter if global warming is real or not. If it's real, it doesn't matter how extreme it might be. We will not change course.

Even if science could prove (and science by design doesn't prove anything) that Global Warming is real and it will kill us all in 25 years, we won't do anything to change course. We aren't like that. We'll chase profits all the way to the end of days. Then die, clinging to mountains of gold.

Just look at the Carbon Credits Scam. The bankers see opportunity in crisis. They'll fix global warming for us, if we help them build taller mountains of gold. Do we need a better example of how we value our lives and future? No human being is worth more than money. We're willing to drive ourselves to extinction to chase one more dollar of profit. That is all that we as a species value and hold dear.

And this is what the Global Warming fight is really over. The mega corporations are comfortable with the way things are. They are making huge profits in government welfare whore checks or captive markets. Change could shake up the status quo. Our energy industries are in the same business as everyone else. They are building their own mountains of gold. And they must maximize the rate that they sell their product. So they must fight efforts that would lead to slower sales. It's their duty to money. It's their responsibility to Mammon. It's what they are.

And if mediating the effects of global warming mean changing business models, then it must be fought, no matter the consequences. Corporations do not fear the death of humans. They only know the hunger for profits. Nothing else matters for them.

And if we look at what the climatologists are telling us, and forget for a moment the MSM and political hype, it doesn't appear to matter what we do. What we do today, won't have an effect for ten thousand years. We've already given the climate a push, and momentum will carry it forward. so if it's going to cause our extinction or near extinction, it may not matter. We've already done the damage. Our children and grandchildren will pay for our mistakes. Just as economically speaking we're paying for the mistakes and greed of others.

On some of the sites, folks are now arguing that this cold front disproves global warming. This is a common mistake in Understanding of the Global Warming Theory. 'Warming' isn't necessarily an apt word, though climatologically speaking, it's accurate. The 'Warming' isn't uniform, and it doesn't mean that the world will get dramatically hotter. It does mean that colder areas will get warmer. And it means that the weather systems will become more intense. The extra energy will drive bigger storms, and lead to changes in weather patterns. We'll have intense heat waves and intense blizzards. We will still have cold weather in many parts of the world. Global Warming does not mean that there will be no cold weather.

And of course there are natural cycles. Global warming doesn't end the cycles and it can't be disproved by them. It will however magnify their effects. More energy means more extremes.

Climatologists tell us that since North and South America collided, the Earth has seen cycles of cooling and warming. That right now we're in the middle of a natural warming cycle. Skeptics often point this out. But fail to mention that we're actually beginning to come out of this cycle, thousands of years early. The warming we're seeing, isn't due for thousands of years, according to the natural cycle. So why are we rushing to a new ice age earlier? And is this impending doom something to gloat about? Skeptics say yes. Party Hearty!

Yeah, I said it, Ice age. Global Warming -> Ice Age. Sounds funny, right? If the theory on the Global Conveyor system is correct, then that's were we are going. and just as we're running out of fossil fuels.

The last point on this I'd like to cover, is the idea that man can't have induced global warming, because the warming effect has increased over the last ten thousand years. I worry over this 'proof'. That corresponds roughly with man's expansion over the globe, and the invention of slash and burn agriculture, and the ever increasing use of charcoal, made from olf growth forests. Perhaps this last ten thousand years of warmign is actually proof that man has stronger effect on climate then we think?

In closing, it doesn't really matter. We'll do what we do. This conspiracy debate is just a distraction. Global Warming was never a danger to the hoarding of mountains of gold. You need not worry about the billionaires. They can still afford to eat thousands of lobster dinners every day, whether GW is real or not.

So cry not for the wealthy, they'll keep screwing you over no matter what. It's not the environment that is drivin you into poverty and destroying the future for your children and grandchildren. It's the bankers and politicians that are doing that!

Oh My God! What is that! It's a bird! It's a Plane! No it's Super Environmentalist!

No not really, they don't have super powers. they can't stop an oil rig from going up. They can't save the polar bears. they just make great scapegoats.

So keep on truckin' folks. Hug your children. Pet your dogs and cats. Plant that garden. Raise some chickens. Prepare for the worst and don't get emotionally invested in promises of change. Because if it comes, you're not gonna like it.

The rest doesn't matter.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Kitty said...

Hi Wease...

It's hard to know what the change will be... it's all flowing around... but I agree excessive greed on the part of a few is constant... it's modern day "royalty"... Versailles.

At 12:10 PM, Blogger Publius said...

Great post. There is almost no way for so-called democracies to act for the long-term benefit of themselves, let alone the globe.

Whether or not humans become extinct, there is going to be a large die-off. Simply ecology and a look at predator-prey cycles, or petri dish bacterial growth, proves that.

Individuals have something called free-will, but the only thing you can freely choose now is to free yourself from the industrial system to the extent you are able and willing. Such a strategy, practiced large-scale, would starve the beast. But I don't think the majority will do this. They will sink or swim with the system.
Freedom's just another name for nothing left to lose.

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of your best posts ever Weaseldog, thank you for saying what I feel but cannot put into words.


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