Friday, January 08, 2010

Karl Denninger Is Learning Again

After many times yelling at people, warning people and finally banning people for suggesting that the situation in USA resembles what went on in Argentina, Karl has now decided that the situation in the USA resembles that of Argentina.

Now that it's his idea, it's safe to talk about it on his forums. Or is it? He once made a 9/11 conspiracy post, then banned people who made comments directly related to his post.

Perhaps this is another trap!

401k/IRA Screw Job Coming?

You can also bet that once such an "option" is made available there is a very high probability of the government doing things that either promote or simply don't stand in the way of another stock market crash as a means of "herding" your money into Treasuries - so they can blow it - all under the guise of being allegedly "safe".

Of course this begs the question - what if the government can't pay down the road when you retire, just as they can't pay on a forward basis with Social Security and Medicare?

This "proposal" can only mean one thing - Treasury smells smoke. Maybe you should pay attention to what they're huffing!

And before you say "oh they'd never do that" I want you to read this:

Here is a warning to us all. The Argentine state is taking control of the country’s privately-managed pension funds in a drastic move to raise cash.


My fear is that governments in the US, Britain, and Europe will display similar reflexes. Indeed, they have already done so. The forced-feeding of banks with fresh capital – whether they want it or not – and the seizure of the Fannie/Freddie mortgage giants before they were in fact in trouble (in order to prevent a Chinese buying strike of US bonds and prevent a spike in US mortgage rates), shows that private property can be co-opted – or eliminated – with little due process if that is required to serve the collective welfare.

Any questions?

Yes Karl, I have questions.

When will you learn that other people know stuff too?
When will you learn that other people can figure out stuff that you haven't work out yet?
When will you apologize for dumping on people, for pointing out ideas that you'll later pretend are yours?

In all honesty though, he worked this out about a year sooner than I thought he would.

Of course I'm still banned from his forums for writing about this and other topics where i had ideas he hadn't published yet, or simply disagreed with him.

But then he runs his site to make money. He needs to be the top dog on his porch. He can't afford to give the appearance of learning things from his readers.

Thank God I do this for free. I love learning from other folks. I'd hate to feel like I have to give that up.

Thank you to everyone who has disagreed with me and given good cause. You folks are appreciated.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Kitty said...

Learning is good...

Taking other's idea without crediting them... not so good...

At 12:47 PM, Blogger edgar said...

Hi Weaseldog!

It has been amusing watching the evolution of kd. He's a little slow on the uptake but very adamant about his ever-changing positions. Do any of his readers have any $ left? lulz

At 2:49 PM, Blogger edgar said...

kd wrote:

Not only does the risk of a super-spike in energy prices loom large but more importantly the structural damage done to the employment base through the printing of money and continued offshoring of jobs in response ultimately destroys the funding capacity of the government itself...

printing money... destroys the funding capacity of the government...

He actually wrote that. He should talk to [hugo chavez]

At 6:54 AM, Blogger fallout11 said...

Karl runs a church, the church of Karl. Much like any church, one man speaks, all other are supposed to demure quietly.

From today's "ticker"-
"Paul Volcker recognized this in the 1970s and did what was necessary to stop the cycle before it resulted in the destruction of our government. We now have a cadre of limp-wristed Central Bankers who believe they can ignore the lessons of history, including Zimbabwe, Argentina and Weimar Germany."


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