Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Walkin On Sunshine Woh! Oh!

Here I am, breaking the rules of internet etiquette again.

My call for a bailouts in the first quarter of 2011, didn't come true. Sure, there are bailouts, we have POMO, we have the banks shimmed between the taxpayers and the Fed, skimming $billions in profits from gov debt, for doing nothing. these days, Welfare Queens don't drive Cadillacs. They drive high end Ferrari's, collect yachts and live in spacious Manhattan Penthouses.

but i was looking for something public. We didn't get that.

This time last year, I expect that that gasoline prices would rise in the fall. I was wrong. But they are certainly high now.

Mike Ruppert thinks the crash I was predicting, is coming by July.

We always have recessions following oil and gasoline price spikes. These price spikes drive up the cost of everything in the supply chains.

Earlier I was forecasting my impressions of where things were going and when. I got those wrong. But when it comes to major downturns after energy price spikes, that's a certainty. Mike may be right about July. i find it difficult to believe that the global economy can pay for ever increasing fuel prices into summer. Gasoline prices may hit $6/gal in parts of the USA, but I don't believe it will make it to $10/gal. We'll crash before that happens.

And now for a dedication to Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Empire of illusion" Chris Hedges full interview

Jynxie and Dinari

Two of the lions at InSync, getting acquainted.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Video of smashed interior at Fukushima nuclear plant

Watch the lower left of the frame up to the 28 second mark. There appears to be the body of a person in a hazmat suit. The camera appears to be swinging on a boom, and this gives a good 3D perspective of the shape.

Video of smashed interior at Fukushima nuclear plant

So far, they are only owing up to two official deaths, caused by the actual tsunami. Five unofficial deaths were reported as of last week.

We may never know how many have died, or will die in this horrific accident.

I'm not sure why they released this video. Perhaps they didn't pay much attention to it? For me, the human form seemed to jump out at me. Other folks say it took a while to spot it. My guess is that the folks that vetted this video, didn't notice it either.

You Can't Handle The Truth

h/t ZeroHedge

CNN screwed up in putting this guy up against it's Water Carriers for Fascism.

FOX would not have made the mistake of putting someone on the air, that doesn't tow the Imperial line. CNN could really learn a lesson about vetting folks, to make sure that they stay on message. First off, don't put people on the air that spend their days immersed in actual foreign policy.