Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DOW Tumbles 400 Points

It's a bad Tuesday for folks that gamble money at the stock exchanges.

Is it a trend or can Goldman Sachs and other PPT Players inject $billions in newly minted and borrowed money, into the system in order to shore it back up?

Its hard to imagine that it was allowed to slip so much. If the slip was intentional, then was it a sell off by folks in the know?

The market remains levitated far beyond what the fundamentals would price it at. Only the rapid flow of cash borrowed from our future has been able to keep it propped up so high, for so long. The recovery that has had news anchors smiling for the last few years has been abysmal. When compared to the rise in oil prices over the same period, it looks pretty shitty. I guess for economists that are used to eating dog crap, whipped dog crap must be an improvement.

Now the froth from the housing markets has gone flat. The money is draining out of accounts, banks are desperately looking for ways to hide crappy accounting and losses from lax lending. Everyone is looking to hand off their buckets of frothy dog turds to someone else. But no one is buying. Everyone has their own collection of frothy dog turds to get rid of.

So in this dramatic sell off, where is the money going? Its probably covering losses. Its inflationary money chasing after debt servicing. If so, then those frothy dogs turds are going to be flushed. Too bad the sewer lines are backed up. That deflationary spiral is going to be a bitch.

Will the Federal Reserve be able to create money fast enough to slow the free fall? Stay tuned, its a show you don't want to miss.

Cheney's Surprise Visit To Bagram

If you haven't heard, there was a suicide attack on a base that Vice President Cheney was making a surprise visit to, this morning.

Now almost everyone agrees that attack was aimed at Dick Cheney. After all, he was making an unannounced visit into a war zone. What other assumptions could one make?

Lets look at the facts.
1. The suicide bomber is dead, so he's not talking.
2. This base and other bases get hit all the time.
3. Cheney made a surprise visit. I think we can assume that the Taliban didn't receive a hand written invitation.
4. Supposedly the Taliban stepped forward and said that they failed in going after Cheney.

Perhaps a bone caster read the debris, consulted the spirits and came up with the motive?

A pragmatist might look at the event and conclude that the timing of the attack and Cheney's visit, were mere coincidences.

The news media looks at events, and invents a sensationalist angle to redefine the truth.

But what if they are right. What if Cheney was the target? This raises some interesting issues.

Someone in Cheney's security detail must've alerted the Taliban. Who is close to Cheney that is working to have him killed? Is it someone in the White House, Secret Service or the Afghanistan government or military.

Or maybe the motive wasn't killing Cheney but to simply create the illusion of a targeted hit? After all, the bomber got nowhere near him.

If we believe the media, then do we have a conspiracy of traitors in Cheney's chain of command, trying to get him killed, or was this staged to create sympathy for Cheney?

I think the simplest answer is that the bombing was part of the war that the media doesn't bother to even report anymore. Cheney, just happened to be there. As the media's quest for truth is at the level of asking, "Where are Paris Hilton's Panties?", they aren't really qualified to cover stories in the real world. Its no wonder than they'd just make crap up to sensationalize a story.

So, did they find Paris Hilton's Panties in the debris?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

River Is On Fire

Check out Baghdad Burning. River describes one woman's incredible courage in speaking openly about the institutionlization of rape in Iraq as performed by American trained Iraqi Security forces.

It is not a pleasant essay, but it is worth reading.

Monday, February 19, 2007

For The Love Of War

For all of you Iraqi War Lovers, Or Muslim Haters, or whatever your motivation is to scream for death and torture for the enemies of you own personal Jesus, I have a question?

Why are you still blogging stateside? What's wrong with you people? You don't win or lose wars blogging on the internet. Only a stupid dumb shit believes that crap. And many of you write too well to be stupid dumb shits.

If you really believe in this war and you really believe in the hate mail you enjoy sending to bloggers that you disagree with, then the only thing keeping you out of the military must be cowardice.

If your convictions aren't a lie, if you really believe in what you're saying then it must be nothing but chicken shit cowardice that prevents you from demonstrating the strength of your convictions in Baghdad.

Unless of course, you're just an American hating, Satan loving liar.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Love Of Mammon

I find the topic of who hates America to be one of endless fascination.

An anonymous poster accused me once again of hating America. I get that a lot. Mostly from people who don't believe in the strength of their own convictions. After all, if you really feel this way and feel you're on the side of right, why hide your identity? Why would someone be too ashamed to promote their patriotism in public with their real name?

I believe that essentially its because they don't believe in what they are saying. And essentially, the position that wars for lucre are an American value, is a hard one to find moral support for.

I'll go ahead and admit that though I was raised as a Christian, I'm losing my faith in man's institutionalized doctrines of worship. The more I learn about Christ in early writings made by the Catholic Church in the first millennium, the more I come to learn that he didn't do a lot of things that the Catholics said he did. In the early writings, he didn't perform miracles or claim to be the Son of God. But he was a rebel, a political activist and peacenik. He's believed to have been involved in acts of public vandalism against the Roman State. Even the Catholic Bible says he organized public protests, but the spin given in bible school downplays the hippie angle this story suggests. Finally, the Gospel of Judas gives us a glimpse of Christianity that the early Cathars would've been aware of, and that the Catholic Church almost eliminated. For hundreds of years, the aspect of the teachings of Christ revealed in the Gospel of Judas have been lost, only to be revealed when the Dead Sea Scrolls were finally released.

In the Gospel of Judas, Jesus talks about two Gods. He talks about essentially, the God of Creation and the God of the Spirit. He tells us that the God of Creation (the jewish God?) is the God of the Flesh and that to worship him, we worship the things of the flesh. He tells us to abandon the God of Creation (ie: the God of Genesis) and turn instead to the God of the Spirit, through which there is everlasting life and release from the chains of life and death. In the Gospels of Judas we learn that Jesus wanted to go to live with the God of the Spirit, so Judas turned him in as an enemy of the State, so that the Romans would send him on his way. I suppose that this was to avoid the stigma of suicide. I'm not sure God can be fooled by such a trick. It seems to imply that God can be fooled.

Is it no wonder the Catholic Church outlawed this Gospel and persecuted the Cathars that taught this, as witches, killing them in various horrible ways? And don't we see persecution to this day from monied interests, against those that preach against the worship of Mammon? The Cathars after all taught that the Church was wherever you worshipped and that those who taught the wisdom of Jesus didn't need fancy halls or collection plates. They interfered with profits and were burned alive for their trouble.

Villagers in Darfur who hold ancient tribal rights to their land are in a similar position. The oil corporations don't want to pay them for their mineral rights, so they are financing genocide instead. Dead people don't ask for a cut. And this sin comes all the way to the pump. If you want cheap gasoline, then you've got to love genocide. Genocide keeps gasoline cheap.

But I digress...

Though I don't see myself as a Christian, I nonetheless believe in spirituality. I believe that Jesus the Man, taught us some important lessons. I believe in the Golden Rule and his lessons of peace and activism. Its not a trivial point in my view, that many religions share the same core values, yet their priests are quick to abandon these teachings for the pursuit of money or power.

Some of the basic ideas that Jesus believed in are.
1. Material wealth destroys the spirit.
2. The Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
3. Get active in your community and keep your government honest.
4. Try to live without sin. This one feeds back to #2. After all you don't want people to sin against you.

There is no doubt that Jesus was a peacenik political activist. His activities against the Roman State were documented, and illegal. We believe he helped tear down the Golden Eagle from the temple, an act that got many of his fellow protesters killed. He participated in political demonstrations and marches, one of which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people when the Roman soldiers pressed them into a square and butchered some, while others died in the crush and stampede.

Jesus as a peacenik activist, if he were alive today, surely would be joining the crowds that keep marching on Washington (assuming he'd live in the US). His record places him squarely in the anti-war protester camp.

Now right there, he becomes someone I can admire, if I still don't see the need to actually worship him. He stood up to the Roman State, denounced the material God of the Jews who is heard in the Book of Genesis, and believes in the purification of spirit through thought and deed.

Jesus made it clear to us that in order to reach the spiritual purity required to shed our material form, we must cleanse our spirits and accept the spiritual God and not the God of Creation. We must also live a life that is as pure as possible, and though we must live in the material world, we should not worship material things.

Now in Bible School, I was taught what to take to heartin, and what to ignore when it came to Holy Scripture. But from year to year, as public politics changed, some of those lessons got reversed. Like the Old Testament where God commands the Jews to go out and commit genocide. Well we're not supposed to follow God's will and exterminate people of other religions, unless of course, God tells the President we're supposed to. In this case, Bush is a prophet, a mouth of God, like Moses. But then we're warned about false prophets. Does God still demand that we commit genocide? Some say yes.

Now, I was also taught that as a Christian, the Old Testament is included in the Bible for historical perspective. That as Christians we don't have a responsibility to sacrifice livestock on pyres, or kill our enemies and take their daughters to our beds. We're supposed to ignore all that, until we come to Genesis, then we're supposed to believe it again.

Its all a bit confusing, this pick and choose part of religion, that is written in God's word, open to interpretation and subject to change without notice.

If we stick to just Jesus, we can take that whole first testament of the Holy Bible, rip it out and throw it away. What's left are the gospels surrounding Jesus Christ, some guy named John who hated Nero and other miscellany.

But isn't that essentially what Christians are supposed to do? Isn't the age of prophets over, once we get to the New Testament? Then how can Bush be a prophet that is commanded by God to wage a religious war against Muslims? And if not a prophet, then how can any Christian believe that Jesus wants us to act like the Romans that nailed him to the cross? If Bush is gung-ho for war, killing and the destruction of civil liberties, how can any Christian side with Bush against Jesus?

Now in Baptist Bible Schools, I was taught that no matter what sins you commit, if you take Jesus into your heart, then you'll go to heaven. End of story... Then there's talk that if you really do this, then Jesus will guide you. Clearly Jesus takes days off when Preachers want a little hooker nookie on the side. Yet, even after snorting meth and getting to know other men in a carnal way, preachers can ask for forgiveness and Jesus will give it again. And this process can be repeated over and over. For the Catholics, there's confession, for the infinite path to recursive forgiveness.

What a racket. Doesn't this seem tailor made to appease Satan? Christians become reusable vessels to corrupt over and over again. And Jesus just takes them back. Even murderous pedophiles can share heaven with Jimmy Swaggert and George Bush I and II.

The Cathars, an extinct sect of Christianity that had access to more of Christ's teaching than we do today, thought that following in the footsteps of Christ required more than lip service. They believed that you must also think and be as Christ. We don't know everything that they believed because their tradition was mostly oral and the Catholics burned alive people that kept information about their teachings. Perhaps they have documents locked up in the Vatican that could shed light on these early Christians, but we'll probably never know for sure.

Now we come to the meat of my post. Jesus was anti-war, pro-peace, anti-sin, anti-lies, anti-murder, anti-theft, anti-materialism... How can any Christian lend support to wars based on lies, in order to steal oil for cheap motoring to Walmart, to buy junk they don't need? Jesus never taught us to go out and kill for him, for religion or for money. In fact he told us that such things were harmful to him and to his beliefs. So how can these Anti-Jesus beliefs be the basis of a our Christian culture, society and how can we call ourselves a Christian Nation if our beliefs are anti-Jesus?

Some tell me that we have to abandon the teachings of Christ now, because Jesus didn't live in such dangerous times. 'Christ will understand', they tell me.

But the Romans were slaughtering people, and people were slaughtering Romans. They didn't have push button sanitized wars. When they killed, it was face to face. Jesus was known to hang out with murderers and prostitutes. He was arrested, tortured and nailed upon a cross until dead, by Romans. All in public. And he didn't know how tough times could get, or how scared people could be? Give me a break. These are the times when we should hold tight to his words and take comfort from them.

If you're behind this war, in spite of the lies, profit taking, the senseless slaughter, the continued lies, and the plans to escalate to Iran, then why? Do you honestly believe that Jesus would support the war? Isn't support for a war for lucre, ultimately a war for Mammon? Aren't we spending lives as sacrifices to Mammon? How could anyone argue that a Christian Nation would kill for Mammon, for cheap gasoline, for convenience and shopping? Would Jesus tell us to ignore the war fought in our name and, 'Go Shopping?'.

Christians should feel deep, deep shame over support of the war. All I can figure is that they expect that as long as they accept Jesus into their hearts, that they can revel in the sin of thousands of murders committed in their names, and still trick Jesus and God into letting them into heaven.

Are Jesus and God so stupid that they can't see when you lie to yourself?

Though I've lost faith in Christianity, I believe in many of the lessons. I believe that everything we do, colors what we take with us when we leave this world. I don't believe in Hell and I don't see a purpose in Heaven. They both seem like concepts designed to scare children and the ignorant. Why would God create us, know us, then tell us that we are a mystery? If he's going to sort us after death and torture forever the souls that he made wrongly, why make them at all? If he wants a flock of monkeys for the sole purpose of worshipping him, why bother with free will. All of this makes more sense, as a way for slaves to rationalize their lot in life. If people believe that life is for suffering, but they will be richly rewarded in death, then they are more likely to allow the suffering to continue.

Wasn't the core of Christ's lesson, to fight back against tyranny in the State and the Church? Isn't that what he spent his life doing? Is it no wonder the Catholic Church rewrote his message and committed genocide against those that taught the original Christian messages?

If you're a Christian, are you a 'pro-slaughter of other people and steal their stuff Christian', or the unpopular kind? Are you willing to go against the State as Jesus did, or are you a Roman, ready to crucify those that would protest the war as Jesus would?

What Will Trigger The Crash?

On other forums, folks have been trying to predict the economic downturn we're all expecting.

The Plunge Protection Team (PPT) appears to be doing a great job of accelerating the market past historic growth rates. Inflation has been contained for a decade , proving that gasoline, milk, bread, corn and housing prices have remained unchanged since the Clinton years. We have a balanced budget and a reduced deficit in spit of the fact that the rate of government borrowing has more than doubled since Bush took office. And there is lots of new jobs.

Ok, maybe prices are going up faster than the government will admit. Maybe the new jobs are low wage jobs for immigrants, and not Americans. Maybe there's something to the IRS panic, where they see receipts for the Middle Class dropping as wages decline.

So how long can this go on? Well in 1999, I called the 2001 downturn to the month, by watching oil availability. World oil production peaked and went into a temporary decline one business quarter ahead of the market downturn.

I tried doing it again. But my first prediction was based on the fact that the economy was not lean. I wrote about the fact that it was probably a one off event, because the first downturn would show the government how to hide the next one.

After the 2001 downturn, the EIA quit publishing oil figures in a timely manner. In fact it wasn't until oil started going back up in 2004, that they came clean on all of their 2001 data. But first they gave us falsified figures until the speeches were over, then they corrected them. Their estimated figures are always optimistic, but this time around their estimated figures were inflated when they had solid data locked away for years. There's no excuse for an honest agency to get such data wrong.

Sincethen, we've lost Dupont, DOW Chemical, much of Union Carbide, etc... On a small scale we've seen a lot of small shops that use gas, close their doors. Our manufacturing is almost gone. Its certainly a shadow of its former self.

CEOs and big corporations continue to see massively increasing profits, while overall, the IRS says wages are declining.

And what drives this? Well oil prices are up and the government is borrowing and giving away money at massive rates. the Plunge Protection Team is essentially in the business of giving away money to the biggest financial institutions for the purpose of accelerating funds through the stock market. What does this mean? Well, there are two mechanisms supporting the market. One is known as 'fundamentals'. These are stock values based on a corporation's performance. For years now, the market has been outperforming most corporations, so clearly the market is not based at the moment on 'fundamentals'. The second is the velocity of the money flow. The speed at which stocks are traded determines how inflated their values become. This velocity and increases in money flow appear to be driving the pricing of the market.

I worked once for a brokerage corporation doing 'back end' protocol work to drive trades. I was mildly surprised to learn that every minute, billions of dollars in transactions take place. Mostly performed automagically by computers. Now trades cost money. Every institution wants a cut at some point in the cycle. So changes at this rate require a constant influx of cash. After all, flipping your retirement fund to generate commissions doesn't happen for free.

You and the PPT pay for this.

And how does the PPT do this? Well taking the market so far off the beam of common sense, based on 'fundamentals' requires a constant influx of free money. It can't be coming from the common man, we don't so this kind of stratospheric numbers on our side of the economy. The only source that can produce these numbers is the Federal Government. Now you might think it must be loans to banks that are keeping this going. I can't see it. They can't afford to pay this money back. Its borrowed money alright, but its borrowed from your kids and grand kids and given away for free to the same banks that charge you big bucks every time they make an automated, computer driven 'mistake', and forget to tell you they put your paycheck on hold again.

If you look at figures for 'debt to a penny', you'll see a dramatic acceleration in Federal Debt increases, since Bush took office. That money isn't going into our side of the economy. So where is it going?

And finally, the American / Iraqi War. Lots of money there. I'm going out on a limb and I'll argue that we can maintain this house of cards, so long as the war expands. When we lose, the collapse will follow. Our leaders have no choice but to maintain war as a growth industry. As the debt increases, we need more war to stimulate spending on devices of death.

When the war ends, our economy is finished.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bush And Iran

Bush kicked the rhetoric up a notch in his speech yesterday.

He told us that he knows for a fact that the Iranian government is providing material support for the Iraqi Resistance (err Freedom Fighters, I mean... Terrarists).

Lately the news has shown some of the munitions captured from Iraqis. Fortunately for the viewing public, it seems that Arabs label their munitions in English using English block lettering. Though this probably makes munitions more dangerous for people that can only read Farsi to handle, it does make it easier for us to determine that Iranians made them.

I did a check in my own home for munitions labeled in English, and found some. I didn't know that Winchester and Remington were Iranian corporations, but I guess we learn something new everyday.

As an experiment, I encourage readers to look around their homes for Iranian goods and products, labeled in the tell-tale English language. You'll probably find quite a bit of this stuff around the house.

Now if you want to see the speech yourself, you can go to CSpan and watch it. Or if you have and Bush speeches from the first quarter of 2003, you can watch those and mentally fill in the name Iran, everywhere Bush says Iraq.

Bush made it clear that we can't let Iran continue to munitions into Iraq. So I guess we'll have to bomb Iran, then invade, then rinse and repeat, with the next Middle Eastern Country on the list. That would be Syria, right?

I guess there is an upside, the resulting return of the draft is likely to remove a lot of right wing trolls from the intertubes.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Music Blogging

I was tempted to go with war footage, depressing Republican antics and other crap from the toilet bowl of a planet we've created. Instead, I'm going to post some music that I enjoy.

I Can't Be Satisfied

-Tricone Swing- duo

Nana Mouskouri - Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte

Nana Without Glasses?

Nana Mouskouri - Ce Soir a Luna Park

Bessie Smith - St. Louis Blues

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nuclear Ambitions

As long as our government is going to calmly discuss using nuclear weapons against Iran, we might as well reacquaint ourselves with the topic.

Here is a BBC special on the topic, that was shelved for 20 years for being a bit too realistic.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Early Focus Group

Alan Alda tries out for the part that Bush eventually scores!

Defending Terrorists

Hat Tip to Atrios.

U.S. military: Iraqi lawmaker is U.S. Embassy bomber
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A man sentenced to death in Kuwait for the 1983 bombings of the U.S. and French embassies now sits in Iraq's parliament as a member of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's ruling coalition, according to U.S. military intelligence.

U.S. military intelligence in Iraq has approached al-Maliki's government with the allegations against Jamal Jafaar Mohammed, whom it says assists Iranian special forces in Iraq as "a conduit for weapons and political influence."

So now we're in Iraq, defending terrorists with diplomatic immunity that are working behind the scenes to kill us? While we defend them, they shoot us in the back?

We've been winning in Iraq for years now. When will 'winning' begin to look like a situation that is improving? Why does winning look like deteriation and defeat?

How many more second chances does Bush need to finally 'win'? Oh, yeah, he says we'll win two years after he leaves the White House. Until the, we'll keep winning by losing ground.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Does This Help?

New And Improved!

Olberman, Boston Bomb Scare

YouTube explanations of the LiteBrite Terorist Hoax that wasn't.

Rated PG-17.

The Lite-Brite Terrorists In Action!

And Silliness

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Anti War Protest in Washington, DC -- January 27, 2007

A very nice video made by a good friend of mine. She the attended this rally.

It's also linked at.
Just For Peace

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Condolences To The Good People Of Boston

I feel bad for you folks. Many of you have been apologizing for the behaviour of your Mayor and Police Department. You're no more at fault for their stupid and immature behavior than the rest of us are for Bush's.

The Mayor of Boston, the Boston PD and George Bush all believe that if you screw and do something really stupid, you should let the whole world know about it. Then you should lash and blame everyone around you. You should try to hurt others and make them pay for your mistakes.

This is not the behavior of adults, this is the way that spoiled children act.

The rest of the nation understands that this stupid and immature behavior doesn't represent Bostonians as a group. I promise that we understand, that it instead represents the behavior of childish self-serving individuals that have been caught on the world stage being stupid, and they don't have the emotional maturity to admit their mistakes and move on.

Just elect an adult as Mayor next time, Ok? :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Lite Brite Terrorists

Interview with the guys that held a city hostage with their 'Lite Brite' advertising campaign.

Just to recap, these young men put the entire Luddite Village of Boston into a panic, by placing advertising displays around the town. The local police, were frightened be the technology of electric lighting and arrested these young men on charges of witchcraft or terrorism or for embarrassing them or something. The Mayor of Boston says he spent over a million dollars investigating devilish devices and he's mad. So he's gonna get those boys.

I guess we'll see them in stocks for a few days and maybe they'll get waterboarded in a local pond on Sunday, to cleanse them of evil spirits.

No One Is Safe

I Have Had My Differences With Members of the Press. But it's Nothing That Burying them Under Tons of Earth Won't Solve

Contributed by Holly Bailey - Posted: January 30, 2007 2:10:10 PM

Does President Bush have it in for the press corps? Touring a Caterpillar factory in Peoria, Ill., the Commander in Chief got behind the wheel of a giant tractor and played chicken with a few wayward reporters. Wearing a pair of stylish safety glasses--at least more stylish than most safety glasses--Bush got a mini-tour of the factory before delivering remarks on the economy. "I would suggest moving back," Bush said as he climbed into the cab of a massive D-10 tractor. "I'm about to crank this sucker up." As the engine roared to life, White House staffers tried to steer the press corps to safety, but when the tractor lurched forward, they too were forced to scramble for safety."Get out of the way!" a news photographer yelled. "I think he might run us over!" said another. White House aides tried to herd the reporters the right way without getting run over themselves. Even the Secret Service got involved, as one agent began yelling at reporters to get clear of the tractor. Watching the chaos below, Bush looked out the tractor's window and laughed, steering the massive machine into the spot where most of the press corps had been positioned. The episode lasted about a minute, and Bush was still laughing when he pulled to a stop. He gave reporters a thumbs-up. "If you've never driven a D-10, it's the coolest experience," Bush said afterward. Yeah, almost as much fun as seeing your life flash before your eyes.

But in all fairness, the video doesn't look so dramatic. Then again, we can't really see how many people were in front of the tractor. I've watched crowds run for trains. It isn't a pretty sight.

More On Boston's Keystone Cops

The offending 'Nite Brite' sign.
Upload This

An editorial.
Some Guy With A Website

My Email To The Mayor Of Boston

I want to congratulate you guys on a publicity stunt, that was really well done.

What gave you folks the idea to act as the Keystone Cops in this charade to help advertise a comedy show?

I hope to see more cities in the future present a lighter to side of themselves. In all of the fear mongering and imaginary threats our government invents and then takes credit for preventing, its nice to see that some government agencies see the humor in it all.

Kudos to you for becoming a part of the this publicity stunt, and showing us the absurdity of a government that wants all of its citizens to live in a perpetual state of paralyzing fear of the world around them.

Your endorsement of this show and the Turner network has encouraged me to catch an episode or two when it airs.

You guys gave me a wonderful laugh to wake up to. Thank you for brightening my day!

Major Breakthrough In The War On Terror

Two of the world's most dangerous terrorists were arrested in Boston overnight.

They had spent two weeks hanging up battery powered signs all over Boston, advertising a new comedy show.

One day, Homeland security noticed these signs that had been there for a while and freaked out. They took the signs down, determined they were harmless and then arrested the two men for perpetrating a bomb scare.

This gave public officials a chance to grand stand in the war on terror. They puffed up. They looked important. They said important sounding things.

And now America can rest easy, knowing that Homeland Security responded to another imaginary threat, took action and prevented the terrorist attack, that never was.

they should congratulate themselves on their ability to take an advertising campaign for a comedy show, and run with it. They volunteered to turn themselves into the butt of the joke. They should all get raises and medals of freedom for this comedy routine.

Homeland Security, home of some of America's favorite clowns.

Story Here.