Monday, November 28, 2005

Ready for Stage Three?

The success story in Iraq continues. Haliburton’s permanent bases are in position, Iraq is set up to fall into civil war, and the US soldier death count is about to drop.

This interview sums up some points that lead us to a conclusion long suspected. The entire plan all along was to get the military bases installed to protect the oil fields, then let Iraq fall into ruin.

The American people are ready to give up on installing a real democracy in Iraq and will settle for a puppet government and civil war, so long as American losses are reduced.

So the next stage of the plan is going into action. Just like in 1972, we’ll concentrate on bombing targets picked out by our puppets. They’ll decide who get’s bombed, paint the targets and we’ll blow up whatever it is, without really know who we’re killing.

Sure there will be advisors on the ground, just like in Vietnam, but this plan should reduce our death count tremendously.

But I doubt we’ll bail out like we did in Vietnam. We have a reason to stay and that’s oil. The desert makes it easier to create a buffer zone, as targets are a bit more exposed. We’ll just kill anything that get’s near Halliburton’s oil.

Just wait, we’ll be slaughtering Iraqis to protect Halliburton’s oil for years to come.

Friday, November 11, 2005

White House to America - Iraq is your fault!

This morning the news showed a clip of yesterday’s White House Press conference. It reminded me of the justifications that con men give for their crimes. They argue that they can’t operate without a willing victim. They let the victim believe whatever they need to, in order to cheat the victim. In the end, it’s usually the con man’s position that the victim is to blame for being stupid and gullible.

And so press conference the White House gave yesterday, sure was interesting. They finally addressed the lack of WMDs in Iraq. They did so by playing the same blame game.

Essentially their position is that, if you trusted the President on the WMD issue, then you share in the blame for all that has happened. It’s your fault for being stupid enough to believe them. The White House made that clear.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Don't Be A Hypocrite!

Once again, I caught a bit on my local Republican radio station. The DJ’s were whining about gas prices and oil corporation profits.

Don’t’ they realize that as stalwart Republicans and Bush supporters, that this position is pure hypocrisy and betrayal of their party?

Bush, the House and Senate worked very hard to pass the recent energy bill, that takes money from hard working Americans and gives it to the world’s largest oil corporations to cover their cost of doing business. Bush tirelessly promoted this bill. It’s his baby, his pride and joy. And Bush is darn proud of the billions of dollars of our money he gave away to support the wealthiest corporations in our free market economy.

The high profits they are now enjoying, was the point. The purpose of the bill was to insure that Exxon and others would see record breaking profits. That’s the point of gifting welfare payments to the wealthy.

And keep in mind that high energy costs and these billions of dollars in subsidies don’t just help the oil corporations. These also directed benefit the bank accounts of many of our Republican and Democratic leaders. The Bush family is a direct beneficiary of oil industry profits. Dick Cheney who still hasn’t gotten around to divesting all of his Halliburton stock options also stands to benefit. Oil Tanker Condaleeza Rice is seeing her personal wealth rise with rising energy prices. And so is Rumsfield, who’s invested in a variety of industries.

Reverse Robin Hood and high energy prices are good for the Republican Party, and good for the current incumbents. If you support the Republican Party, if you support Bush, you’d be a hypocrite for whining about energy costs. In fact, if you are a stalwart Republican or Bush supporter or even an Iraqi war supporter, you should be shopping for the most expensive fuels you can find. You should be rejoicing when the price at the pump goes up. You should be happy that your home heating bill is going up. These rising prices are part and parcel to the Republican Agenda. This is why we elect oil industry leaders to high political posts. This is the reason we as a nation put these people into office!

And you Democrats don’t get off easy. Most of the leading Democrats have substantial investments in the oil industry. High prices aren’t only a Republican goal, but they are also desired by many leading Democrats. After all, only a minority of Democrats even voted against this corporate welfare payment.

So next time you fill up your tank, say to yourself, “Gosh darnit, these high prices are good for Bush. This is what my party wants. And what my party wants is good for America. I like them! I’m proud that my government has worked so hard to jack up prices!”

So don’t be a political hypocrite. Be proud of the hard work your representatives put into jacking up oil prices. It’s good for America. It’s good for Saudi Arabia. It’s good for Middle Eastern Charities.

“We need an energy policy that encourages consumption.” – George Bush jr.